As a communications tool, it provides flexibility and reliability. As a collaboration tool, it empowers mobility and productivity. All these combined provide businesses key advantages that help them be scalable and competitive.

Below are three reasons why it makes sense to move your phone system to the cloud:


VoIP system’s numerous applications can have a great impact on employee productivity. Team members are accessible at the speed of need, communication happens in real time, and everyone can stay productive even when they’re on the go.


VoIP system is offered following a software-as-a-service model, making it a faster and more cost-efficient option. Additionally, businesses have the flexibility to choose a subscription plan based on their needs.


When businesses use unified communications, they learn that voice, chat and video collaboration is only one-click away. Web conferencing allows employees working in multiple locations easily across all devices.

Is your business still using out-dated communications?

Communication and collaboration will always be the backbone of a successful company. To ensure your business has the right unified communication solution it’s important that it’s scalable and future proof.

Since 2008, Megacall has helped worldwide businesses with unified communication solutions. Find out how unified communications can help your business increase productivity and get competitive edge.