SIP Trunk

Security & quality in all your calls.

We work with more than 20 different routes across 3 continents.

SIP Trunking advantages.

With the SIP Trunk service, you can get all the voice traffic you need for your calls at a very competitive price. If you already have a switchboard and only need to send and receive calls this is the best solution for your business.

No contract or surprises on your bill.

Pay only for your traffic.

Completely free.

Do you want to see it live?

Request a free trial, explore its features, and if you have any questions we will give you personalised assistance.

Our Rates.

If you want to know our rates to more destinations please contact us to get a customised quote.

Top 6 destinations
Destination Landline Mobile
Spain 0.015€ 0.04€
United Kingdom 0.014€ 0.04€
France 0.02€ 0.07€
Germany 0.02€ 0.04€
USAa 0.015€ 0.015€
Canada 0.01€ 0.01€

* These rates are shown in cents per minute, and excluding VAT. Megacall charges per second with no connection charge, unless otherwise shown.

Services included in SIP Trunking.

  • Fast Installation
  • Show your number. You can control your CallerID (CLI).

  • 50 free simultaneous voice channels
  • Security. We offer 3 authentication methods.

  • Supported codecs. G711A (PCMA), G711U (PCMU) & G729.

  • National and international DDIs
  • Phone and online support included

  • 100 minutes in 5 countries

  • 5 PBX and CRM users
  • Free incoming calls (except 800)
  • Number porting (free) with a 12 months prepayment
  • 4 voice menus
  • 200 Mb of cloud storage
  • 1000 minutes in 35 countries
  • 1 phone number
  • Free incoming calls (except 800)
  • Number porting (free)
  • CRM
  • 6 voice menus
  • 2000 Mb of cloud storage
  • 2000 minutes in 35 countries
  • 2 phone numbers
  • Free incoming calls (except 800)
  • CRM
  • Number porting (free)

  • 10 voice menus
  • 4000 Mb of cloud storage
  • 500 free speech recognition minutes
  • 4000 minutes in 35 countries
  • 5 phone numbers
  • Free incoming calls (except 800)
  • CRM
  • Number porting (free)

  • 15 voice menus
  • 8000 Mb of cloud storage
  • 1000 free speech recognition minutes

* Destinations included: all EU countries and USA. Prices are shown in EUR without VAT.

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