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For companies looking to expand their reach globally and cost-effectively, virtual numbers will allow you to establish your presence in multiple countries without the need to be physically present in each location. They provide prestige to the business, giving more commitment to customers, since you have the opportunity to offer a personalized and accessible service that in turn improves business relationships.

If you are looking for ways to expand your business in other countries and want to do it simply and economically, Megacall can provide you with virtual numbers quickly and with flexibility. Display the number of the country you are calling and generate immediate trust among your customers and users.

Make calls from any phone (landline, mobile, national and international). Virtual numbers are very easy to manage and configure through the platform, they have the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the company, facilitating versatile communication from any device and form anywhere.
Customize and control your virtual phone number options. It is possible to configure features and functionalities of your number, such as a voice menus, call recordings and personalized service hours. This allows companies to adapt virtual numbers to their specific needs.
Get excellent rates adapted to your business. Compared to physical offices located in different countries, obtaining virtual numbers is a cheaper option. We offer flexible plans allowing businesses to expand globally without reaching high costs.
We offer numbers from more than 100 countries covering all continents and the most important cities. By having virtual numbers in different countries, companies can appear to be located in different regions and this increases confidence, as well as facilitating access to new markets.
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  • Virtual numbers, include access to the virtual PBX and free CRM being fully integrated into the platforms

  • By having local or international numbers, companies project a professional and reliable image, which increases the credibility of the brand, where customers are more willing to call, in turn increasing contacts
  • Numbers can be managed and administered on the platform, making them easy to set up and maintain
  • It is possible to make and receive calls no matter where you are and from any device connected to the internet
  • Megacall has integrations with major CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, MS Teams, Slack and more) giving users the ability to continue using their number with the CRM they already use
  • With the personalized attention offered by Megacall, agents will help you to configure your virtual number

Advantages of virtual numbers for companies.

Virtual numbers have become an indispensable service for companies looking to optimize and expand their reach globally. The numbers offer benefits that transform the way businesses connect with their customers. Phone calls are a very important role in the sales process and thanks to virtual numbers it will be easier to get leads.

Calculate the price of your Virtual Number.

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Destination Connection fee Monthly fee from
Canada 0€ 2€
Germany 2€ 2€
Great Britain 0€ 2€
Ireland 0€ 2€
Spain 0€ 2€
USA 0€ 2€

Learn all the prices and choose a number in 100 countries after registering.

Use WhatsApp Business with your virtual number.

Use WhatsApp Business with your virtual number.

  • You can verify your WhatsApp Business account with a virtual number (even a fixed one).

  • Keep personal contacts separate from professionals.

  • It offers a close and familiar communication channel to your users.

  • Our support team can help you with the setup.

Questions and answers

In three easy steps, you’ll be able to get the virtual numbers you want. First, you will need to register on the platform, where you will be able to access the dashboard and all the available features. In the ‘connect numbers’ section, select the country for which you would like to have the virtual number and the type of number you are looking for (local number, toll-free number…)

Below are several numbers from different rates and you select the one that best suits your needs. Before connecting your number, you must upload a copy of the company registration certificate, a copy of DNI/NIE or the documents indicated and specify the current address. The connection will be made immediately after the review of the documents.

Landline numbers are the most common and traditional. These are numbers with codes belonging to each city. Virtual numbers allow you to open a virtual office anywhere in the world.

Portability is a service that allows users to keep their current number, but with the great advantage of having access to all the functionalities of IP telephony. It is possible to migrate from your traditional landline number to a virtual number without changing the phone number. You can use your current number anywhere, you just need an internet connection no matter where you are.

To port the number you must make sure that the number can be kept in this country. To be eligible for potability, you need:

  • Prepay the number for 12 months to cover the maintenance of the number, according to our established rates, or activate the Micro Business or Business rate pack.
  • You will have to create a request to our technical support, where you will attach an invoice for payment of the number, where the data of the requester will be indicated, you need to fill in the fields (name, surname and address) in the “configuration – my profile” section.

900 or toll free numbers allow customers to call without having charges for the call, while the owner does incur a cost for incoming calls. These are numbers used by companies as a form of accessible service.

900 lines are generally toll-free and easy-to-remember numbers, with the goal that the customer can retain the number and remember it quickly. Toll free numbers facilitate communication between customer and company in case of urgent questions or requests.

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