VoIP and real estate agencies

Before we start talking about the benefits of VoIP for the real estate sector it is useful to firstly look at the activities they carry out. The real estate agencies are dedicated to finding the best solution for their clients based on their requirements. The main job of these businesses is the intermediation in the purchase, sale and lease of real estate such as, apartments, premises, flats, plots of land, garages and buildings.

These aids and transactions are carried out with numerous clients in a multitude of countries and for this reason the most used medium is voice. Traditionally, real estate agencies worked with fixed landlines, this limited the possibility of attending multiple calls or transferring a call between different agents within the same office. The solution for them was to use the main number to identify the head office and was the point of entry to contact the business and the use of mobiles and personal devices for dealings between clients and agents.

This method meant that the telephony was not centralised, but also the client did not have a smooth experience when contacting the agent and in addition the agency also had problems when it came to controlling and verifying the interactions between clients and agents.

Advances in IP Technology VoIP, in recent years, have greatly facilitated many things, especially the fact that a switchboard can now be connected to by many devices that have some form of access to the internet, all of them from different locations and being able to offer the customer a fluid and homogeneous experience. It is also much more comfortable and easier for the agency to have greater control over their agents, whom in many cases are freelance and not always present at said premises.


Below we will cover in more detail the main advantages of VOIP telephony


  • Complete availability, with the switchboard you can still receive calls even if you aren´t present in the office. This is possible via the configuration of PC´s, Mobile Apps etc.… Effectively attend those calls outside your office hours by providing an answering machine so that callers can leave their message and details, allowing you to contact them at your earliest convenience.
  • Have access to log and call reports. The manager or person in charge of the real estate agency can access a comprehensive report regarding the number of calls answered, lost and/or made together with their costs and broken down by agent.
  • Connect the client with their respective agent. Activate the interactive voice recognition service (IVR) so that the customer, by the pressing of certain digits, can contact with the corresponding departments, select the language in which they want to be attended and even contact directly with a specific agent by dialing their extension number.
  • Improve the presence of the agency. As we mentioned in the previous point, the agencies can have agents whom attend clients from various countries and whom speak different languages. Providing the client with a local number not only increases their confidence when contacting you but also it ensures that the agency will have a greater global presence.
  • Identify the call from a particular source or channel. For example, you could implement “agent whispers” which would indicate from which source the incoming call originated. In simple terms, if we have a single number assigned to a specific real estate portal, for example MEGACALL, the whisper would indicate this to the agent before connecting the call.


Megacall for Real Estate Agencies


How can Megacall help you with the migration of your Real Estate Agency?


First of all, Megacall is a company without any contracts or permanence. The first thing we would do is help you fill out your customer registration form and credit the account with the previously agreed balance (based on the estimate you would have been provided), as after all we are a prepaid company.


Once a client of Megacall we would then proceed with the porting of your number, or provide you with a new number if you wish. Megacall can not only provide you with national numbers, but also a wide range of international numbers.


You, as the client, would then provide us with your “wish list”. As mentioned previously in the “main advantages”, the customer experience can be completely customised, going from the implementation of an IVR (interactive voice response) with the selection of departments, languages, etc.… through to the forwarding of calls based on time intervals so that no call goes unanswered. Ask us for anything you like and we will promise to try our best to implement it in to your virtual switchboard!


With the configuration side of things solved, the only thing left would be to configure the lines/extensions of the agents. Unlike traditional technology, your agents/lines can be configured on various devices, allowing for greater mobility…. Do you have agents whom are working out on the street? Want to have control of their calls and at the same time take charge of the expenses this involves? No problem! Megacall offers you a mobile application or computer softphone, for this type of agent, so that they can work without being tied down to a single location.


This and much more will help you to offer a unique and simply experience to your customers!