In this post we are going to show you everything you need to know about cloud communications and how to use it. This type of technology is integrated in most companies today, but there are still some that use traditional telephony, so they do not enjoy the advantages offered by cloud communication.

The digital transformation is unstoppable and that is why any business that does not invest in telecommunications in the cloud will become obsolete in its communications. Actually, in Spain, 64% of IT managers are prioritizing the digitalization of their infrastructure.

Another important fact is that investment in the cloud maintains an upward trend (it has grown by 10% in Spain), while investments in traditional infrastructure decrease by around 8%.

What is cloud-based communication and why should you use it?

The cloud refers to all the services that can be performed through a network and that are stored and managed digitally, that is, it allows access to data and programs through the internet instead of the hard drive of the computer. Cloud communications refer to the different services offered by the cloud for virtual telephony, which translates into VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol).

With Cloud-based communication you will be able to make and receive calls via the internet, so it is not necessary to have a physical switchboard, since everything will be in the cloud. We will simply need an internet connection. We can make calls through the computer, from an IP Phone or mobile phone.

Once we know how cloud communication works it is good to know that companies should use it to improve their communication, both internally and externally. It is very easy to use and has benefits such as costs savings in call rates and infrastructure maintenance. It is also customizable and has increasing possibilities as the business grows.

cloud communications how it works

Management and communication tools in the cloud

The cloud communication services that we can find are the following:

Virtual switchboard: the virtual switchboard is one of the best examples of cloud communication. It allows you to have as many extensions as you need and connect your offices from anywhere through virtual telephony. It includes benefits such as national and international virtual numbering, answering machine, call transfer, voicemail and much more.

Sip Trunk: if you already have a virtual switchboard, the SIP Trunking service allows you to get all the voice traffic you need at very competitive prices.

Virtual numbers: with the use of cloud communication you can have virtual phone numbers from any continent.

Software for Call Centers: another clear example of cloud communication is the existence of software for call centers, which allows you to manage your calls, connected agents, carry out campaigns and / or surveys, as well as use the predictive dialer. Calls are made continuously until connecting with a client. With all this, you will have a better performance and productivity in a call center.

Advantages of cloud communication

Better customer service: customer service improves with the use of cloud communication. For example, you can use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system so that the customer can go directly to the department they need, reducing the waiting time. In addition, you can include music on hold and voicemail with personalized messages, amongst other features.

Your office anywhere: cloud communication allows you to receive and make calls whenever you have an internet connection, so you can have your office anywhere, since you can divert calls to your mobile or simply go with your laptop.

Prepaid rates: virtual calls have a lower cost than traditional telephony. Furthermore, the prepaid option will allow you to control your expenses and you will only pay for the calls you make.

Virtual numbering: this option allows you to have numbers from different cities, so your customers will call a telephone from their country even if your office is not located there. This provides security and confidence.

If you also want to discover how to use cloud communication to improve the performance of your business, do not hesitate to contact Megacall, we will personally advise you on the service that best suits your communication needs.