Integration Megacall+HubSpot

Integration of Megacall cloud PBX with HubSpot ensures high-quality and reliable communication.

Megacall integration with HubSpot platform is free and does not require additional configuration services.

Integration features:
  • Calls from HubSpot in one click.
  • Incoming calls are recorded in tickets and contacts.
  • Call recording and call statistics. You can listen to recordings in the HubSpot interface.
  • A responsible manager to whom customer calls are assigned.
  • For incoming calls, the customer’s name is displayed on the software/hardware.
  • In a HubSpot ticket or contact, you can create a video conference.
Megacall features:
  • Price plans for calls.
  • Virtual numbers.
  • Remote Login Assistance, that allows to set up telephony with your permission.
Setup instructions

1.To set up Megacall and HubSpot integration, the following conditions are required:

In your personal account, create and configure a Megacall virtual PBX.
The setup wizard will help you with this, it takes less than 2 minutes. To receive and make calls, set up a software or IP phone that uses the SIP protocol. Forwarding to another number is also available (paid service).

2. In your Megacall personal account, under the tab “Settings – API and Integrations”, select the HubSpot service and click “Enable”. Then click “Activate Integration”, this will open the HubSpot website which you will need to grant access to by clicking “Grant Access”.

On the HubSpot page, select your account and grant access to your HubSpot account. Check the box if you agree and click “Connect app”. If the steps are completed correctly, you will see a notification in your Megacall account stating that “HubSpot integration was successful.”

Megacall HubSpot Integration

3. Outbound calls from HubSpot can be made as follows.

To make a call, open the customer’s contact, click the “Call” button, and then “Call from browser”. When making your first call, you must specify the user token in the pop-up window and click “Submit.” A callback will be initiated to the user’s HubSpot extension. After answering the call, the connection will begin with the dialled number.

Please note: This option is only available when connected to “SalesHub” or “ServiceHub”. All other integration features are available regardless of this for all users.

Megacall HubSpot Integration

The integration setup is complete.

For all outbound and inbound calls, a ticket will be created in HubSpot, where a recording of the call will be available after the call is completed.

For convenience, calls from the same customer are saved in a single ticket if they were received within the last 2 hours from the moment of the first call.

Megacall HubSpot Integration