In this post, we will analyze the accelerated change towards digital that SMEs have developed due to the covid-19 pandemic. Many have taken urgent measures to allow their staff to telework or have increased their security with the integration of virtual private networks.

Many organizations have had to adapt to the situation quickly and effectively to remain operational during the crisis. In addition, they must continue to provide an innovative response to renew themselves and recover from this crisis. In any case, it remains to be seen whether companies will follow the path of digital transformation or remain as they were before.

The contents we will look at are the following:

  • Investment in new software due to the crisis
  • Incorporation of new digital tools
  • How Megacall can help SMEs


Investment in new software due to the crisis

The crisis has taken the world by surprise and business is no exception. Before the crisis, 53 % of the participants did not have or were not sure whether the company had a continuity plan. Now they have incorporated software as part of their business strategy for the future.

48 % of SMEs have invested in software because of the crisis. Almost half of the companies have had to change their software investment plan since the beginning of the crisis. Brazil (55%), Spain (55%) and Italy (52%) have been the three countries with the highest number of SMEs that have had to invest in new software and accelerate the digital change due to covid-19.

These data are not surprising, since 35% of the companies have had to consider incorporating new software to encourage teamwork and 70% of the companies have been able to adapt some or all of their commercial offerings to be able to deliver them virtually.


Incorporation of new digital tools

In terms of the type of software that has been implemented, remote desktop software, video conferencing software and live chat software have been the three types of software that have been most purchased or considered in response to the coronavirus.

This is due to the need to cover the basic activities of a business to make it work properly, such as facilitating the work of employees from anywhere, meetings, and contact with customers.

Other digital tools that companies have acquired are collaboration tools, webinars, project management software, video interview software, VPN software, e-commerce platforms, and accounting software.


How Megacall can help SMEs

Megacall, a company dedicated to virtual telephony for 12 years, offers different services that can help companies in their growth and international expansion if that is their goal.

On the one hand, there is the virtual switchboard, a software that allows you to make calls over the Internet and with which you will get very low rates. It can divert calls from the landline to mobile, record the calls, send the messages to a voice mailbox, keep the calls on hold, etc.

Other interesting features are the voice encryption options, Barge In (you can listen to live calls to talk to your employees or colleagues), Interactive Voice Response (allows the user to select the option they want through the keys when calling), and the ability to display national or international phone numbers. 

Therefore, this system can be adapted to teleworking, since simply with an Internet connection, a VOIP phone, or an app on the mobile it is possible to have the office number anywhere. It should also be noted that this system can be integrated with software to register the hours of the workers without the need to use a fingerprint since this would be done by telephone, so it can comply with health and safety regulations.

Source: Capterra