If you are thinking of setting up your business and looking for VoIP solution, or you want to improve your company’s communications, in this post we will show you what are the advantages of VoIP telephony for SMEs and entrepreneurs. We must not forget the effectiveness of this system and the cost savings that IP telephony can give.

Nowadays digital communication is widespread through channels such as email or instant messaging, but all companies need to make and receive calls at some point. Currently 9 out of 10 companies have applications in the cloud, or plan to have them over the next three years. These moves to cloud communication, which may become essential for international companies, since virtual telephony offers faster and more adaptable features to the digital era.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and flexible communications solution for your company, you should know what are the advantages of VoIP telephony for SMEs and entrepreneurs:

1) Greater functionalities

VoIP telephony, being hosted in the cloud, offers a large storage capacity and updates, so the options that can be configured are varied. You can access your virtual switchboard online and manage your calls, expenses, contract functions, etc.

You can keep your phone number or choose a new one, besides, virtual numbers offer the possibility of obtaining numbers from other countries even if you are not based there.

Some of the features that you can add to VoIP telephony for SMEs are call recording, music on hold, call conference, call transfer, do not disturb schedules, voice encryption, interactive voice response, call forwarding and voicemail, amongst others.

2) You can have your office anywhere 

With VoIP telephony you can establish your office anywhere whenever you have a computer or laptop, internet connection and some headphones with microphone.

Therefore, if you are starting a new business, it will save you rent costs, since you can have your home office, or other savings such as electricity, since anywhere in coworking or cafeteria you can develop your business activity.

IP Telephony

3) More growth possibilities 

VoIP telephony for SMEs allows greater scalability in the future when the company grows, as users can be added as the company has more workers or new branches are opened. It is as easy as clicking a button to have new users in the VoIP telephony system.

Also, you can get all the virtual numbers you need, from any country and with as many extensions as necessary.

4) Cost savings on your calls 

One of the most important advantages of VoIP telephony for SMEs is the cost savings on calls. Virtual telephony is cheaper than traditional telephony, because it does not involve an infrastructure or installation costs, the registration can be done immediately through the internet, and the simplicity of the processes make the cost per minute of calls – both national and international – cheaper.

As we have seen, this type of telephony adapts to both small and large companies, freelancers or institutions. Workers can talk to each other for free and can help boost the growth of a new company with the savings of some costs and the possibilities of expansion.

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