In the past, there was no way to link phone calls with customer history, information and movements other than manually.

Now, technological advancement appears to provide a solution to all management problems and with CRM systems integrated with telephony we can organize information efficiently.

This advancement represents a giant leap toward operational efficiency and customer service. Businesses experience benefits that change the way they interact, manage communication and make decisions. IP telephony offers possibilities that are much more than a simple call or customer service. Being able to integrate telephony with our clients’ database is a reality today and thanks to a CRM everything is possible.

Difficulties for a business without a CRM

The absence of a CRM, with integrated telephony, can lead to a fracture in the gathering of customer data and make it difficult to have a complete and accurate picture of the company. Below, we tell you the consequences that your business may be going through if it does not have an integrated CRM system.

  • Disconnection between customer’s data and communications.Without an integration between CRM and telephone system, the data obtained from phone calls and the interaction will not be linked, and it can also lead to the loss of relevant information about customers since there is no system that organizes the data.
  • Lost sales opportunities. Without a record of customer interactions, sales opportunities for the agent can be missed because they don’t have a history, detailed notes, or follow-up detailing relevant aspects about the customer.
  • Bad time management.For employees, the lack of integration can mean a double effort as they must switch between multiple systems to access information and subsequently record telephone interactions, consuming time and productivity.
  • Low visibility and control.Not having telephony integration can make it difficult to monitor and control calls. Without tracking options and information on team performance, opportunities for improvement cannot be clearly identified.

The lack of a CRM system integrated with telephony can result in negative aspects for the company. These problems include errors in customer information, operational problems and poor customer service.

Communication channel in a CRM

Today, consumers have access to a wide variety of communication channels. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to adapt to each of them in order to provide a complete and effective service. The most common communication channels that can be integrated into a CRM are:

  • Telephony. Our favorite channel and star service. CRM systems are integrated with telephony and can automatically record incoming and outgoing calls, as well as make calls directly from the platform with a single click.
  • Emails. As simple as allowing users to send and receive emails from the CRM with the option to track and record email interactions in customer records.
  • SMS and text messages. Customers can receive personalized content based on their profile and following their previous interactions via SMS. Generally, they tend to be messages without an answer to remember appointments and reservations.
  • Web form. This channel allows users to automatically capture contact information. In addition, it helps them to manage customer queries that are made through forms on the company website.

Being present in all possible channels is a very important point if we want to adapt to digital transformation and new technologies.

Telephony as a main channel for a CRM

One of the most important channels is telephony, integrated into a CRM. You can have your system perfectly formed and have all the information about each customer without this integration, but would you like to miss a phone call that is key to becoming a lead, also giving a bad image? Still, many companies are not aware of the loss of income caused by not having this VoIP telephony integration in their CRM.

Calls continue to be the most valued communication channel to achieve a close and direct relationship with our clients and to be able to make the most of all the information that can be obtained to achieve good productivity, and not all channels give that.

Advantages of a CRM with telephony integrated

Telephony integrated into CRM significantly improves the quality and effectiveness of customer service. Employees can offer more personalized and customer-focused service by having access to all information during inbound and outbound calls. This improves the experience and relationship with customers.

Our free CRM presents great advantages for companies, adapting to each business, whether the business already has a CRM and is looking for a change or does not have it and needs a CRM with integrated telephony.

Why have Megacall CRM for your company?

Megacall CRM manages and organizes all the information regarding interactions with customers. Our CRM allows fluidity in information between the database and control over them. In case of configuration or help, our operators will be available to answer all questions.

That is why having Megacall CRM for your business will help you manage your customer better, since being integrated with IP telephony it is possible to link the company number to the platform, thus recording all incoming calls and outgoing with the advantage of having control in the same place, it is an aspect to consider since before, without having a CRM, this possibility did not exist.

With this tool, you will be able to monitor and track interaction in detail. This will provide you key information to make future decisions such as improving customer service.

Why change your CRM to Megacall CRM?

Megacall CRM offers completely free service and is integrated with PBX. Having our CRM will allow you to make and receive calls with the help of telephony, it is a fully customizable system with options to create customer files with all the relevant information, create tasks that will be useful to users, control the efficiency of the commercial ones, with a very visual and intuitive interface managing your entire business in a simple and fast way.

Switching to Megacall CRM is easy. You just need to download your current database and then import it into our CRM in the correct format. This way, you will have all your customer data in your new CRM without complications.

In conclusion, the adoption of Megacall CRM offers companies a fully adaptable solution both for companies that need a CRM and for companies looking for a change, being able to maintain the company number since portability is not lost or even do it externally.

A system that is centralized in storing data, managing communications. Being a free service integrated with IP telephony, also with a capacity for flexibility, customization and customer service that will make you make the most of our CRM.

Having Megacall CRM may be the strategy you are looking for to boost the growth of your business. If you want your business to start giving good results or you are looking for a change, don’t hesitate to contact us!