Cloud communications are quickly expanding through businesses in all industries. Education, real estate and hospitality organizations are just a few of the industries that can benefit. 


A university with cloud-based communications will often be more attractive to students than a university without advanced technology. Through a Cloud-based system, an educational institution can better connect with and build relationships with its students. This enables universities to connect with students through multiple communication channels and through automated services.

Real Estate

A Cloud-based system could improve productivity by making the process of connecting and communicating faster: real estate agents can connect with potential investors, buyers, and sellers, making it easier for them to increase their revenue. The virtual center additionally serves as a repository for these communications. Cloud-based systems are designed to be easy to use for users, thereby reducing training time for new employees.


A Cloud communications system improves the overall experience by allowing staff to be responsive to the customer needs. A Cloud system allows to connect from anywhere, bringing staff members, guests, management, and upper-level executives together in a single system. This means multiple hotel locations can connect and collaborate quickly.

Hospitality companies need reliable infrastructure. Cloud platforms are flexible, reliable, and scalable at an affordable price. Further, hoteliers may need to customize their cloud communications systems.

These are only a few of the industries that can benefit from Cloud communications, but they highlight some of the most important aspects: Cloud communications are scalable, easily customized, and cost-effective.