Are you looking for a more effective way to communicate with your customers? In that case, you better know what the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system is?–VA

What is the Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Interactive Voice Response meaning: it is a telephony technology that allows any user to interact with the company they are calling through the customer service system that the company has configured with different voice menus. The IVR uses DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequency) tones, whose function is to send signals through any telephone by pressing the corresponding buttons.


How does the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) work?

The operation of the Interactive Voice Response system gives callers a chance to connect with a company by selecting the options they want if they press the keys on their landline or mobile phone.

When a client presses a button on the telephone keypad, the system sends a signal to the customer service and it responds according to the indicated option, it can be another action (select another digit), receive a recorded automatic response or pass it with the agent and most appropriate department considering the user’s selection.

This system is made for companies of all sizes since the IVR can support large volumes of phone calls and can also be implemented in the cloud.

Therefore, if you have a Virtual Switchboard or use IP telephony in your office, you can use the Interactive Voice Response service. Thanks to VoIP technology (Voice over internet protocol) it is possible to include this service in the virtual voice system.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) benefits

1. Improves the user experience: clients will listen to the options available with the voice messages recorded in advance and guide them through the process until they get the answer wanted or they get to talk to the department they need to answer their questions. This offers personalized and efficient customer service, as well as reducing the client waiting time, as it will be taken care of directly by the right agent.

2. Reduce costs: by having the IVR service activated, you will be able to give attention to customers at any time without the necessity to have 24-hour staff, therefore, the calling users obtain information thanks to the automation of the processes even if the office is closed.

3. Increase the productivity of the team: Interactive Voice Response connects the appropriate agents to each user according to the option they have chosen, this optimized the time of assistance of each employee and can provide a resolution on the first contact.

4. The IVR can be implemented in the cloud: the cloud telephony solution provides savings in the cost of calls and physical infrastructure. The IVR can be adapted to any business with excellent tools and techniques offered by virtual telephony. With all this, you will manage customer service faster and more accurately.23