In todays article we’ll cover five reasons explaining why it is convenient to use a virtual switchboard in your company.

1. Improve your Customer Service

The Virtual Switchboard offers you a large variety of benefits and functionality that will allow your business to improve and enhance something as important as telephone customer services. Some of the many benefits it offers are: national and international numbers, WhatsApp Business connected to your main number, answering machine service, transfer and forwarding of calls, music on hold, call recording, conferencing of calls and much more. Below we will highlight some of the more important points:

  • Welcome message for your business: In addition to the good impression and professional image that it offers, the welcome message assures your clients that they are contacting the correct company and it is within their working hours.
  • Message with language selection: If you have a multi-lingual team, what better way to offer customer service than to offer the possibility to speak in their own language?
  • Selection of department / extension: We all hate when you call a company and they bounce you around from one department to another as if you were a bouncy ball that no one wants to attend to, and the minutes pass until you finally get to talk to someone in the correct department. With the Virtual Switchboard you can add a selection of departments allowing your customers to select which department/agent they want to speak to.
  • Out of Office messages: We have all experienced a phone call in which we have tried to contact a particular company a number of times and after several attempts and a lot of waiting we have remained un-attended due to the simple fact that the business was closed or we were simply trying to contact them outside of their working hours. Your Switchboard can recognise a specific date/time when your business is closed, on vacation or outside your working hours. In these cases, a personalised audio can be played indicating the reason for closure and the opening hours so that they can contact you again.
  • Voicemail: If all your agents are busy or you are out of the office, you can give your customers the option to leave a brief audio with their contact details allowing you to contact them at the earliest possible convenience.
  • 24hr Emergency Service. If your business offers this type of service, there is always the possibility to setup an “out of hours” message which states that if the call is an emergency to stay on the line and the call will be forwarded to the telephone of whoever is on duty.

2. Increase the flexibility of your business

Another important factor is the mobility of staff as more and more companies are looking to have their staff members work remotely. With the Virtual Switchboard you can, in addition to having your fixed Workstation in the office, have your extension installed on your mobile or computer and be connected to the Switchboard from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Don´t miss a call because you are not in front of your desk, as long as you have an internet connection you can take your office with you wherever you go.




3. Increased Savings

Your Virtual Switchboard can be configured on your mobile device or computer via an app, which means that it is no longer necessary to make an initial investment or splash out on expensive telephone equipment.

Due to its cloud-based nature, your Switchboard won’t require any costly maintenance or depend on any visits from technicians to carry out expensive repairs or upgrades. Any changes to your Switchboard, can be carried out remotely and in most cases without any additional costs.

The cost of calls, both national and international, via VoIP are much more cost effective than those of a traditional telephone service, meaning you will also make savings in this aspect. Another factor to take in to account is that calls between extensions are free.


4. Immediate activation and simple installation

At Megacall we don´t tie you in to any minimum contract periods, therefore we strive to keep our customers happy by offering both good customer relations and a good service to ensure its continuity. This is why we aim to have your service setup on the same day that you request it, together with immediate technical support at no additional cost.

No longer will you have to wait days or even weeks to have your Virtual Switchboard up and running since we take care of having everything configured for you in just a matter of minutes.

Everything will be done remotely, with the aim of causing minimal disruption and without requiring you to alter your daily work routine. Once the service is setup you will have immediate access to begin using it and making and receiving calls.

5. Your switchboard grows with you

The Virtual Switchboard offers the possibility of expanding or reducing the number of extensions / users based on the needs of your company or the volume of business during specific dates.

If you need to expand workstations, be it in your office, remotely or even if you decide to expand your business and open a new branch, your Switchboard will grow with you. It will allow you to create unlimited extensions and not tie you down to a specific geographical position as it doesn’t matter on the location where you wish to setup each individual extension. You can simply add them as needed, which in turn offers simplicity of growth.