At Megacall we present a new platform to record the working hours of employees. This new software allows companies to keep a digital record of their employees’ hours, as well as complying with the new law that requires the registration of workers’ hours by the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.

It is a simple and easy to use platform with which you can quickly see the list of employees and their entry and exit times.


How does it work?

This system works by integrating VoIP phones. If you already have an IP phone you can use it without any problems. On the other hand, it can also be included in your Virtual Switchboard or PBX simply by linking it to the platform.

Employees will have to dial a designated number or extension on their phone, and then dial 1 to log in and dial 2 to log out. They will automatically log in to the platform with their ID or PIN, name, date and time of entry or exit.

You can register as many employees as you need and store the data as long as you want, there are no limits.

There are two systems to start the time recording on the phone:

1 – By an internal extension or phone number
2 – Using a PIN assigned to an employee



Once inside the platform, we can find two panels on the left menu.

Work Time Reports

Work Time Reports will display the list of employees, with their extension, ID or PIN, name, date and time of entry or exit. A very useful functionality is the possibility of downloading this list in Excel format.

Employee Management

In this interface you can see the complete list of the company’s employees. You can see the name, extension number, ID or PIN, associated phone number, status and register as many employees as you need, there are no limits. You can also export the list of users in Excel.



The price to start using this service is 9.95€/month plus VAT. The price includes the use of the platform and unlimited users, so the administrator can create as many users as needed without any additional cost.

In addition, Megacall offers an exclusive promotion to members of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain with a pack of Virtual Switchboard + Time Registration Software. All registrations will be free and you will get a 20% discount on your first invoice. Anyone interested can contact us using this form.


Working Time Registration Law

This new system allows companies to comply with the Law that guarantees the daily registration of working hours, which must include the specific start and end times of each person’s working day.

  • With effect from 12 May 2019, Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, of 8 March, on urgent measures for social protection and the fight against precarious employment in the workplace, modifies Art. 34 ET, establishing the duty of the company to guarantee the daily record of working hours, which must include the specific start and end times of each worker’s working day, without prejudice to existing flexible hours.

Regulatory obligations regarding the recording of workers’ working hours

Royal Legislative Decree 2/2015, of 23 October, which approved the revised text of the Workers’ Statute Law, textually establishes the obligation to register the working day in two specific cases and one general case (the latter with effect from 12 May 2019):

  • The organisation and documentation of the working day register must be carried out by means of

a) collective bargaining.

b) company agreement.

c) decision by the employer after consultation with the legal representatives of the workers in the company.

  • The need to keep the records of working hours performed for four years.
  • The records must be made available to the workers, their legal representatives, and the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.

*Be aware that employees’ telephone numbers are sensitive information, so we recommend that you take the necessary steps to ensure proper compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.