In this post, we are going to guide you through the steps to set up a video conference room. First of all, we are going to see its definition: a video conference or video call is a simultaneous two-way communication of audio and video, which allows you to hold meetings with groups of people located in remote places.

Currently, it is strange to find companies that do not have a meeting room in their offices. These types of spaces are very useful to hold meetings with employees or clients, either physically or virtually, as well as to carry out conference calls or video conferences.

At the moment many employees are working from home, which is why a video conference room can be very useful for remote meetings. Also, with little equipment and suitable software, you can set up a video conference room at home.

Let’s see what it takes to set up a video conference room.


Materials to set up a video conference room

To set up a video conference room we do not need a high budget, since the materials that we are going to point out below can be found in a wide variety of prices.

Videoconferencing systems and platforms for companiesThere are various types of software on the market for videoconferencing, in this case we highlight the application of 3CX for videoconferencing. It is very easy to use and there is no need to download and install any additional software or add-ons on your computer. In case you want to use it from a smartphone, you must download the 3CX WebMeeting application. With the 3CX Video Conference option you can create, schedule, manage, and join ad-hoc conference calls.

If we do not need video we can choose other faster options such as conference calls, which we can do with a VoIP phone system.

Television or monitor connected to the internet. We will need a screen where we can connect to the internet to access the video conferencing software and of course, to see the other people who will be at the meeting.

Good internet speed. We must bear in mind that we are going to use audio and video, so having a powerful internet connection will be essential to avoid cuts in the video call.

Audio and video ports to connect the webcam and microphones in case the monitor or TV does not have them incorporated.

A keyboard and mouse, preferably wireless.

An external USB webcam. This type of gadget gives us great flexibility since we can use it on the monitor that best suits us at that time.

Microphones and headphones. They can be USB or wireless for greater comfort and flexibility. If the monitor or TV does not have them incorporated, it will be essential to make the video conference.

set up a videoconference room


What to consider when setting up a video conference room?

In addition to the audio visual material necessary to set up a video conference room, we will also have to bear in mind the following aspects:


It is important to establish the video conference room away from external noise, such as areas near the street, windows, elevators or places with a lot of passage. If you hear a lot of noise while doing the meeting; uncomfortable moments can occur and it may be inappropriate for a business image.


The sound of the listener should be optimal, it is recommended to adapt the room (floor, ceilings and walls) to avoid resonances and distortions, using sound-absorbing materials.

The distribution of the seats

Depending on the distribution of the room and its function, we will have to take into account where we place the seats and the rest of the furniture. The appropriate thing is that from any part of the room we can see the screen; it always has to be in a central and visible place.


If we have done all of the above and we do not have good lighting, it will not help, as images will not look sharp and lack a little professionalism. The light of the video conference room must be taken into account so we can see ourselves as good as possible through the webcam. We must install neutral lights that are not too bright, as well as homogeneous lighting throughout the room.

Meetings are essential in the daily life of a company, and more and more virtual meetings are held due to the globalisation of business, so be prepared to speak to clients through videoconferencing will make it easier to win their confidence wherever they are. Do you have any other recommendations for setting up a video conference room?