If you are looking for a SIP trunk provider for your company keep reading because we will give you all the keys to make the right choice. Whether you are starting a project or if the company you work for wants to change its voice traffic provider, we will give you all the keys to correctly choose a SIP trunk provider.

What is a SIP trunk?

A SIP trunk is a technology that allows the transmission of voice and other communication services, such as video and messaging, over the internet using the SIP protocol. Instead of using traditional lines, a SIP trunk uses a data connection to manage and route phone calls and other communication services. The phone lines connect the voice traffic from the VoIP telecommunications provicer to the customer’s PBX. In most cases, the phone number can be ported to a SIP trunk or the option of using new numbers can be chosen.

It is a digital alternative to analog phone line that many businesses use. SIP allows organizations to connect multiple SIP trunk channels simultaneously to a virtual PBX. This enables users to make long-distance phone calls over the internet.

SIP trunks offer significant benefits to any business, especially those that handle a high volume of national and/or international calls. They significantly reduce communication costs, particulary for long-distance calls, by using the internet instead of traditional telephone networks. Additionally, SIP trunk providers offer flexibility to businesses, as it is very easy to add channel to your trunk immediately. Moreover, you can enjoy all the advantages provided by virtual PBX systems, enhancing productivity, mobility, and customer service.

How to choose the right SIP trunk provider?

A SIP trunk provider is a company that offers digital communication services to businesses looking to connect their PBX system. Upgrading to SIP Trunk is simple, and choosing a reliable SIP trunk provider is essential to avoid potential future problems.

To choose the best SIP provider for your company or project, we recommend considering the following factors:

  • Security: It is crucial to ensure that the SIP provider follows the best security and privacy practices, as they operate outside the organization’s network, and to optimize the flow for better voice quality.
  • Call quality and reliability: to ensure high call quality, the provider should use modern and efficient codecs to optimize service quality. Additionally, the provider should be able to connect the virtual PBX to a reliable network with operators capable of routing calls to any network without additional costs and avoid failures in case of interruptions.
  • Competitive Pricing: Look for a SIP provider with reasonable and transparent rates for national and international traffic, balancing quality and price. Any reliable SIP trunk provider should offer pricing plans without hidden fees or contracts.
  • Customer support and technical assistance: when any issue arises, the provider must be able to respond immediately and offer various communication options such as chat, phone, and email. good 24/7 support is essential to quickly resolve any problems that may arise.
  • Number portability: Ensure that the provider can port all your phone numbers.

SIP trunk providers in Spain

In today’s article we will look at some of the main SIP trunk providers in Spain, highligthing their main features and how they help companies optimize their communication system. In Spain, there are several SIP trunk providers that offer high quality services through VoIP technology.


Leading provider in the market, offering high-quality and reliable VoIP and SIP trunk telephony solutions for tour virtual PBX, with call quality, competitive rates, and dedicated technical support. Megacall’s services are perfect for businesses of all sizes seeking flexibility and efficiency in their communications.

With Megacall’s SIP trunk service, toy can obtain all the voice traffic you need at a competitive price, securely with 3 authentication security methods, 50 free simultaneous voice channels, free virtual PBX integration, use of external lines, the possibility to acquire numbers from over 100 differents countries, and included technical support.

Plans that adapt to the needs of each business, starting with a free version and supporting 5 users. all plan include free portability, PBX, and CRM, among other features. Additionally, they offer different payment options, allowinf monthly or annual payments with discount. If you want to learn more about Megacall’s rates, consult here.

  • Free version with 5 users, virtual switchboard and CRM.
  • 50 free simultaneous voice channels.
  • Numbers from more than 100 different countries.
  • Portability.
  • Security. 3 authentication methods.


Telefácil is a comprehensive option but one of the more expensive choices. Among its services, it offers a virtual PBX with additional features such as workday control. They provide a one-month free trial, although most of the functions come at an extra cost. For the use of the virtual PBX, the monthly fee is €24.20, which includes one phone number, 10 simultaneous incoming calls, and 20 simultaneous outgoing calls.

  • Free one-month trial, but many.
  • Virtual PBX: €24.20 per month.
  • Monthly fee includes 10 incoming calls and 20 outgoing calls.
  • SIP trunk fee: €24.20 per month.


Adiptel ensures stability in its SIP trunk services, utilizing advanced equipment to guarantee clear and uninterrupted business communications. Their SIP trunk pricing plans range form basic to advanced, costing €6 and €9 per month respectively, and include a virtual number with the option to add additional resources at extra costs.

  • Basic plan: €9 per month.
  • Includes: 1 virtual number.
  • 10 incoming calls.
  • Unlimited outgoing calls.
  • Additional number: €4 per month.
  • Additional channel: €2 per month.


Netelip offers SIP trunk solutions for companies that still want to maintain their physical PBX but would like to benefit from IP telephony for access and termination of calls with simultaneuous voice channels. Netelip does not have a virtual PBX proposal with all services, nor CRM, and there is no free option. Instead, they offer a 30-day free trial with up to 10 extensions. The cost depends on the extensions and outgoing call minutes, in addition to extra costs such as €1 per month for the “click to call” button or €9.95 per month for the API voice.

  • No free trial.
  • Call cost: up to €0.029/min.
  • No CRM included.
  • Additional costs: €1/month for click to call, €9.95/month for API Voice, and others.


With a long-standing presence in the sector, Voz.com is oriented towards enterprises such as a multinational corporations, large banks, insurance companies, and major corporations. Unlike other providers, it does not offer a free version or trial. The cost to try it out is €19 for one month with 10 extensions.

  • No free version or trial available.
  • To test it, you must pay €19 for one month with 10 extensions.
  • Normal monthly fee: €9/month with 10 initial channels and an additional phone number.
  • Monthly call rates: €0.049/min for national mobile calls and €0.014/min for national landline calls.

With SIP trunk providers, you can make the transition from a conventional switchboard to a virtual switchboard. With a SIP trunk system, you establish the link that connects the switchboard to the company and the entity that provides IP telephony. Therefore, the numerous advantages of SIP trunking are added to the benefits of the virtual PBX: calls, a large number of extensions, virtual numbers, call forwarding, voicemail, and many more. We invite you to read an article on our blog to learn more abour the advantages of the virutal PBX.

Uses cases for SIP numbers and SIP lines

SIP numbers and SIP lines are very useful for a wide variety of companies, regardless of size and sector. From small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations, this technology not only reduces costs but also improves operational efficiency. Next, we will see some cases about companies where SIP numbers can be very useful.

  • Call centers. These businesses benefit greatly from the ability of SIP lines to be able to handle high call volumes with high quality and reduced costs. Call centers need services such as SIP trunk to achieve the accessibility of their sales or customer service campaigns. Using SIP numbers you can have local numbers in different regions, reaching more parts and improving customer service.
  • Remote work companies. Companies with employees working from different locations can use SIP lines to maintain seamless communication. SIP numbers allow employees to make and receive calls from anywhere, facilitating teleworking.
  • Startups and growing companies. Startups can benefit from the flexibility of SIP lines. They can start with a small number of lines and expand them as the company grows, without the need for large investments and taking advantage of the scalability of SIP lines.
  • Companies with national and international branches. SIP lines allow companies to connect their offices in different locations around the world in an economical way. Improving coordination between teams and reducing calling costs since by operating through the Internet, they reduce large communications charges, which makes it a very attractive option for branches both nationally and internationally.
  • 900 numbers. These are numbers used by companies that are called for free from national landlines and mobile phones. Unlike other numbers, they are sometimes mandatory for certain companies depending on their activity, mainly companies with services of general interest, for example, postal services, financial services, supply companies. Calling a 900 number is free for the caller and the company is responsible for the cost of the call.

SIP numbers are a solution that can be adapted to the needs of any company seeking to improve its communications, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of its activity. If you would like to know in depth how it works, you can register and start testing our services totally free, join our platform!