From Megacall offer to our customers a softphone that allows turning the computer into a telephone device. It is an easy and fast application to install. It has the same features as a landline IP phone and allows you to use all the features of the virtual switchboard: call transfer and forwarding, put calls on hold, voicemail, view the call log, call directly to other internal extensions, etc.

All these same features are also transferred to the Megacall mobile App, which will allow you to make phone calls through your mobile with your virtual number, so you can attend to your customers or employees from anywhere.

What are the advantages of the mobile App?

This system is perfect to save on your phone bill and carry your office phone with you at all times, which translates into more efficient customer service and makes remote working possible. The installation of these applications and their use are free for all Megacall customers, whether they are new or already part of Megacall.