Virtual phone numbers make it possible to use a number on multiple devices from any country, it is a powerful tool for customer acquisition and customer service.
Today we tell you what a virtual number is, why it is so important to have a virtual phone number in your company and how to hire a virtual number, keep reading to find out more!

What is a virtual number?

Virtual phone numbers, or virtual numbers, are phone numbers that exist without a physical phone line or an associated SIM card, and are connected to the internet rather than a traditional telephone network.

With the virtual telephone number, you can make and receive calls from a mobile terminal, computer or IP phone. The virtual number provider will have applications and softphone available so that the numbers can work once correctly configured on the devices.

This opens up a wide range of possibilities for individuals and companies, since it allows individuals to have a second virtual telephone number for whatever they need without having to hire a second line, and for companies that have this option, the use virtual numbers allow them to have a presence in international markets without the need to travel.

Virtual phone numbers have become a very valuable option in business communication, they offer great advantages that make them an attractive option in the current panorama. Below we mention some of the reasons why virtual numbers have gained popularity and how they positively influence a company.

  • International presence. Virtual numbers can help offer presence in international countries without having a physical headquarters in each country. Customers have a better perception, since they feel more confident calling a local number than one that does not belong to their country,
  • Cost reduction. Having virtual telephone numbers reduces costs as all calls are processed through the Internet, without the need for physical installations or large investments.
  • Flexibility. The virtual number, unlike the traditional line, does not have to be associated with a geographical point, so it is possible to work from any country. These lines can be configured on different devices, which work in the same way regardless of their location through the VoIP connection, perfect for remote work companies.
  • Image. If the company has clients in several countries, offering them a local number gives a good presence and image to the business since it shows a closer way of communicating with them.

What are virtual numbers for?

The virtual number works with VoIP technology, which allows calls to be made using an internet connection instead of traditional telephone lines. Virtual numbers come with many very interesting functions when connected to the virtual switchboard.

  • Reception and distribution of calls. Virtual PBXs can receive calls and distribute them automatically to different extensions within the company, whether landlines, mobiles or VoIP applications on computers.
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Allows you to configure interactive voice menus that guide customers through different options, helping to direct the call to the corresponding person or department.
  • Call recording. Make it easy to record incoming and outgoing calls, which can be useful for employee training, quality monitoring, and regulatory compliance.
  • Voicemail. In case they are not attended to by the agent, they can leave messages on the voicemail that are sent directly to the agent’s email.
  • Call queues. Allow large volumes of calls to be managed through waiting queues, where calling customers are kept online until an agent is available to assist them. You can put promotions to keep customers informed and music on hold.
  • 900 numbers. This is a telephone service in which the cost of the call is borne by the company that receives the call, being completely free for the person calling.

These are some of the many functions that virtual numbers serve from a telephone switchboard. The versatility and possibilities are wide and adapt to the specific needs of each situation of a company.

How to have a virtual number?

Each country regulates virtual numbers independently and depending on the prefix or country chosen, the contracting requirements vary. Many countries make registration more flexible and it is not necessary to provide any documentation, while other countries may require physical presence in the country, such as Germany.

To sign up for a virtual number with Megacall, you simply have to create an account with us, connect the number you like the most, make your first recharge and you will have access to all the functions.

  1. Create an account on Megacall.
  2. Access the personal area with the username and password.
  3. Select the virtual number based on the city and country where you would like to have the number.
  4. Complete the payment following the instructions provided.
  5. Identity verification if necessary.
  6. Virtual number activated. You will receive an email confirming the activation.

And you will have your virtual number connected! Sign up for a free trial and learn everything you can do with a virtual number and contact us whenever you need it with any questions.

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