Today we are going to explain why it is so important to have virtual numbering in your company when you want to have an international presence.

Virtual numbering allows you to use a number on multiple devices that are in different locations and even in different countries, it is also a powerful tool for attracting customers and serving the public.


Virtual phone numbers (or virtual numbers) are phone numbers that exist without a physical phone line or associated SIM card, and are linked to the data network (internet) instead of a traditional phone network. Being connected to the internet is not an essential requirement since there are other alternatives such as redirecting the call to your analog line.

Apart from this, there are no differences between virtual numbers and the more “traditional” numbers. You will be able to make and receive calls to/from your virtual number on/from a mobile terminal, computer or IP telephone. They do, however, offer a variety of benefits that conventional phone numbers simply don’t. Below we will go in to more detail the most notable points and their benefits:


Virtual numbering can help you offer presence in countries where you do not necessarily have a physical headquarters, but you do have clients or potential clients who want to contact you. We know that the probability of a customer calling a number from outside the country is low due to the high costs of international calls, so offering them the possibility of calling a local number can increase your chances of success. 


As we indicated in the previous point. This numbering will offer lower costs as it is a “local” call. If, for example, you have an emerging market in the United Kingdom, what better way than to offer them a virtual number from this country so that they can contact you paying the call at local prices?

Your company will also benefit as it will be cheaper to hire a virtual number (for a small monthly fee) than to open a branch in that country.


Virtual numbers, unlike PSTN or traditional lines, do not have to be associated with a geographical point. In other words, they do not position you geographically, so you can be working from anywhere in the world with your virtual number from, for example, Spain. These virtual lines can be configured on mobile devices, computers, etc., which work in the same way regardless of their location in the world through the VOIP connection. Also, if your company has more than one virtual number, you can select which number to display for outgoing calls at any time.


Do you have clients in several countries? It is not the same to try and attract new customers in a country, whether you have presence there or not. Offering them local numbers not only gives them a sense of presence but also a close company image by communicating with them through a number from their country of origin.


In addition to all the above points, we must not forget the confidence inspired by seeing a number from your country, on a website or social network, of a company you want to contact. If a client from the United Kingdom had doubts about whether or not to contact you on a Spanish number (because you may not speak their language).

By offering them a number from their country or region, they will know that you can communicate with them without that language barrier. This strengthens the bond with the end client and offers a close relationship, thus earning their trust. Also, you have the possibility of renting a temporary number (since Megacall does not have contracts or permanence) for a special campaign or promotion and thus not saturate your main number.


Your virtual number may be associated with a VoIP extension or virtual switchboard, which allows you to access certain features that are not supported by a traditional telephone number. Among many others: call recordings, welcome messages, music on hold, answering machines, interactive voice response, opening hours, call forwarding, among many other features.

In addition, your virtual phone number can also be configured with WhatsApp Business, so you can offer the favorite channel of communication for most customers.


Each country regulates virtual numbering independently and depending on the prefix or country chosen, the contracting requirements are different. There are many countries that make registration quite flexible and it is not necessary to provide any documentation, while others may require physical presence in the country.

To contract a number with Megacall, it is as simple as creating an account with us, making your first top-up and you will have the number active in a few minutes. What are you waiting for to take advantage of all the benefits of virtual numbers and thus improve relations with your customers?

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