As the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged in countries around the world, cloud-based contact centers have grown in both call volume and new installations. Many consumers have been affected, especially in the area of tourism (hotels, airlines, etc.) who have needed to contact companies.

Cancellations have been almost total so the online contact center industry has increased its work, but they have also had to look for ways to do it more effectively. In short, the pandemic situation has put the contact center industry back on the list of essential services.

Most users preferred to bypass chat or email tools to talk to human agents, even though the waiting period was extended by several hours. Banks and credit card companies have also seen longer waiting times.

What are we going to talk about in this post?

  • Advantages of cloud contact centers
  • Contact center services in the cloud
  • Voice traffic increases during COVID-19


Advantages of cloud contact centers

The pandemic has given us ample evidence that technology can be very beneficial for human agents, at best, to help them deal with customer inquiries more efficiently. In these difficult times, consumers are more comfortable when they can talk to a human at the other end.

Some of the advantages of cloud-based contact centers are as follows:

Easy installation. Being a cloud-based service, it can be migrated from a traditional call center to a cloud contact center on the same day it is requested. It does not require a person to physically go and install it.

No borders. Cloud contact center services have no borders. Contact center software is very useful because agents can access it through their browser to connect to it. It does not matter where they are and it makes teleworking easier.

Little material. Simply with a computer, internet connection, and a VoIP phone or headset they can do their job.

Reduced call costs. The cost per minute of internet calls is lower than traditional telephony.

Flexibility and personalisation. As it is a software we can personalise its interface, check statistics, active agents, create campaigns, etc. It does not matter if you want to set up a contact center for hotels or a contact center for airlines. It can be adapted to any type of business that needs to provide good customer service.


Contact center services in the cloud

If we search on the internet, we can find a wide variety of contact center services in the cloud. It does not matter if you are looking for a contact center due to covid-19, if you want to set up a contact center in Spain or a contact center in Mexico.

What is really important and what you should look at are the features that this software offers to set up a call center. Cloud systems are the future since they allow global connectivity and remote work.

We recommend that you look for software such as Megadialer, which has no price per agent or cost for installation. You will only pay for the minutes of your calls through prepaid rates. You have options for customisation, predictive dialer, real-time statistics, form creation, surveys, shopping carts, integration with email, and Google calendar, amongst others.

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