When setting up a call center it is very important to take in to consideration these 5 factors. Time invested at the beginning will ensure that your campaign runs smoothly and avoid any un-necessary surprises.

Below are our top 5 things to consider when setting up a call center.

1) Have a clear idea of your project

It’s always best to plan out a clear idea of your project from the start, this way you avoid any distractions and you always know each step of the process. It will allow you to get your project up and running quite quickly and will also allow for minor adjustments to be made in the future should the design flow not be the correct one.

2) Make it as simple as possible for your agents

It is a proven fact that the easier a user interface is to navigate for an agent, the more productive they are with their calls. Time spent looking for fields to fill out and manually typing data can lead to errors, mis-spelling etc.

When collecting data it is always recommended to make use of drop-down fields where pre-defined values are displayed, this way the agent simply selects the most appropriate response. This also helps when creating reports/filters when you export your data as this way you can filter based on a specific value and without the need to filter on different variations.

3) Decide carefully your outcomes/dispositions and ensure your Agents use them correctly

There is nothing better than having a nice clean campaign where you can see at a glance the number of leads that remain for calling (open leads), those that are assigned to agents for callbacks (follow-ups) and then finally those that have a final outcome (success/declined).

Creating dispositions to collate your information in to different exports such as “Success” and “Declined” will allow you to create daily exports based on a template, allowing you to simply download the CSV/Excel file and send to your client, saving time and complex calculations.

4) Filter your leads

Filtering leads specifically for your target audience can help a great deal when running campaigns. In Megadialer it is possible to filter on your imported data, so you could target home insurance at a particular age range, or magazines at a particular gender, meaning that you get better conversion rates of your products/services.

Likewise filtering your leads in to the different dispositions can help clean your database whilst you are calling as it makes no sense re-calling someone whom has expressed no interest in your product/service. Also, numbers that are non-existent can be filtered out after “x” attempts, to avoid you ending up with a database of worthless leads.

5) Set call limitations on your campaign(s)

An important factor that is often overlooked is setting call limitations to your campaign. There is nothing worse than having an out-of-control campaign that is calling customers infinitely and statistically speaking if someone hasn’t answered your call after 4-5 attempts, it is very unlikely that they are interested. Insisting on calling customers can lead to numbers being blacklisted and/or numbers being reported to the authorities.

We hope these 5 steps help you in order to set up a call center. If you have any questions or want to try a call center software we recommend you to visit Megadialer’s webpage



Author: Roberto García. Call center software and Megadialer expert