In this post we will address all the secrets and features about what a predictive dialer actually is. If you have a contact center and have not yet included this feature or simply want to know how to set one up, you should know the benefits of a predictive dialer in the operation of your call center.

Let’s answer the question; what is a predictive dialer?

It is a function integrated into call center software to automate the process of calls made by agents. The predictive dialer allows a continuous call flow for each operator, therefore decreasing the need for manually dialing the phone number, waiting times, and, in some cases, the possibility of an agent not connecting to a lead.


How does a predictive dialer work?

A predictive dialer works through an advanced algorithm that uses a series of metrics to establish the pattern of call automation, and establishes when is the best time to contact a user. Some of the criteria that this algorithm follows are:

  • Number of agents available
  • Number of active agents
  • Average call time
  • Number of telephone numbers (leads)
  • Average dialing time
  • Average response time


Predictive dialer benefits

Now that we know what a predictive dialer is, it is important to point out what its benefits are. Its use is essential if we want our call center to achieve the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency.

This system guarantees that an agent is never without calls or that they are the least time possible without having an active call, since with the predictive dialer the calls made will only be to numbers that have a possibility of becoming a success. This feature eliminates wasted operator time by avoiding calling wrong or non-existent numbers, calls to voicemail, busy lines, or numbers with comments stating that the customer does not want to be contacted.

Team productivity is enhanced with a predictive dialer. If no one answers, the system will call another number and when a call ends it will also automatically start calling new numbers.

Therefore, the predictive dialer identifies and connects only those calls that have been successful without the agent having to lose waiting times between calls.


Predictive dialer types

The dialing modes for call management in a call center can be:

Predictive Dialing

This mode is where the dialer takes care of calculating the volume of calls required to achieve the highest productivity.  For this it predicts both the number of available agents and also the customers availability by dialing the next customer as early as possible and therefore reducing the agents waiting time. This type of dialing is ideal for campaigns that have more than 20 simultaneous agents.

Progressive Dialing

In this mode no predictive dialing takes place, but instead the dialer only emits the right number of calls depending on the number of agents waiting for a connection, a great way to avoid abandoned calls.

Preview Dialing

In this mode the agent decides when the call is going to be made and can see beforehand the customer data on their screen. The agent would need to manually click on the telephone icon to launch the call.


How can we have a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer can be found in software for call centers companies. With Megadialer, Megacall’s call center solution, you can choose the most suitable dialing method for your campaign or business. In addition, you can benefit from its ability to adapt to your company, where you can have forms, questionnaires or shopping carts for the agent to fill in the information while on the call.

Another advantage is that it has no seat charge or cost per agent (you only pay for the minutes of the calls), no installation costs and no commitment to stay, because once you try it you will not want to leave.

You can check all the features of this software and its rates here.

You already know what a predictive dialer is, don’t waste any more time and start enjoying its advantages.